International Students Medical Anatomy Drawing Competition

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1.Competition objectives

Improve the utilization of the library's 3D anatomy database, medical books, and maps, inspire interest in learning, Mining potential talent, and strengthen basic medical education. 

2. Participants

Medical International Students 

3. Work requirements

Ø  Focus on human anatomy or histology and embryology.

Ø  Types of works include copy paintings or creative paintings. Encourage the physical specimen copy painting.

Ø  There are no restrictions on creative techniques, but electronic paintings are not included.

Ø  The paper is made of 8 open drawing paper (about 260mm * 370mm).

Ø  The work must be original and can be completed in cooperation.

Ø  The work should include the name, profession, grade, and the name of the work.


4. Submitting and awarding works

Ø  Time and place of submission: Please submit to the Library Information Consultation Department(fifth floors) during the period of 6.25.2018-10.1.2018

Ø  Awards: According to the quality of the work, special awards, first prizes, second prizes, third prizes, and commemorative prizes are divided. Winners will receive prizes and certificates.

phone number :029-82655067  E-mail:

Xi'an Jiaotong University Yanta Campus Library

Department of Anatomy and Embryology, School of Basic Medicine